Sam Toft’s work: Buy Online Now

With 46 years of experience, Sam Toft has achieved great success from her prints, which are available in a range of genres. Sam has created a range of characters, mostly fictitious, and any resemblance (real or imagined) between them and the artist is purely unintentional.

Sam Toft’s prints are now in homes all over the world. One of Sam’s characters, Ernest Hemmingway Mustard, lives in a not-so-damp flat on the Brighton Hove border with Violet, his dear lady wife, and Doris, their grumpy and rather portly Jack Russell Terrier. His work as a part-time Hurricane Predictor and Professional Tuneless Hummer has made him lots of friends along the Prom. Sam’s work also features the beautiful Audrey (could she be Ms Hepburn reborn as a sheep?), Horace Duck, and the lovely Rover; a melancholy goldfish with tunnel vision and a good heart.

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